Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reader's Workshop for K-2

Websites to Wow your Workshop

I'm out of the classroom today at a conference for reader's workshop, and it's simply amazing!  I've had many opportunities for professional development in the area for reader's workshop; however, I truly find the benefit of conferences that aren't a 'one stop shop.'  I am growing from this one because we meet monthly to learn and collaborate with a great group of professionals within our district.  We are able to learn in bits, take it back to our classrooms, and come together later to discuss and learn again - throughout the year.

Books for those Beginning Budding Readers
engaging.  appropriate.  affordable
Mentor Texts and Read Alouds
Teaching with Picture Books

Keith Schoch has a helpful blog containing several suggestions for powerful books that would serve as great examples to use within your classroom for read alouds or mentor texts.  Be sure to check out "Teach with Picture Books" - there are so many categories and examples.

Thanks Keith for a great site; you've saved me hours.

Chartchums: Anchor Chart Examples and Blog

Chartchums is a wonderful website to see examples of actual anchor charts created by teachers for their workshops.  I love getting the creative ideas for even how to: keep it simple and still be creative.

Also, get ideas for classroom and workshop organization.

Get ideas for setting up your classroom library, too!

One of my personal favorite sites to always go to is... Beth Newingham's Class Website

click here for her classroom library photos and links and more!

Beth's website is five star.  A top teacher from Troy, MI, Beth is also a Scholastic Mentor teacher.  She has really blessed teachers with a fabulous resource on her class site.  I can't tell you how many classrooms I've seen, even across the country via blog photos, that have printed off her free genre posters, free class library book labels, or reader's notebook lessons - all free and rich in sound pedagogy.  

Beth also received a SMART Board recently and has shared strategies for incorporating this new technology into her classroom instruction - especially for math workshop.

Having met Beth, I can tell you she truly is a treasure to the teaching profession.  Please be sure to check her site out by clicking here.  Her Scholastic Blog has even more beneficial resources.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these sites. I'm always looking for new ideas.

    Kaylee's Education Studio

  2. Thanks for the great info! My students love Bella and Rosie books and Jack and Daisy-I've found Pioneer Valley Press to be a wonderful source of books for my kindergarten readers. I haven't heard of MaryRuth books but will be sure to check them out.
    Keen on Kindergarten