Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photon: Flash Web Browser for iPad

A Web Browser to Enable Flash on your ios Device 

 "Photon browser is a powerful and versatile Safari alternative that excels in its Flash support..." - USAToday 

Click here to read the USA Today piece by Marc Saltzman.  Then, you'll want to click here to connect to the App Store and download your application today for $4.99.

I've blogged about apps such as Splash Top Remote before; however, yesterday, when my dad introduced me to Photon, I wasn't convinced.  I just went ahead and purchased the app myself to test the true functionality.  Wow - impressive!  Finally... I have mastered another hurdle with a tech tool - yippee!

You'll love using Photon as your new browser.  No more being denied access to any site because of Flash... simply use Photon to connect to the Internet.  When "Flash" is needed, just click the lightning bold by the search bar and Flash is automatically enabled to your ios device.  

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  1. You might also try Puffin browser. I have both of them and find that one will work better on a certain site.

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