Friday, September 16, 2011

Flip Your Classroom and Enhance Achievement

The Flipped Classroom
Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

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  1. Erin,
    I have been taking a PBS online class that teaches teachers how to integrate web 2.0 tools into their curriculum for the purpose of collaboration and communication. I created a project that I thought to be very tech. savvy. It integrates the uses of email, wordle, digital photography and Flickr as well as possibly blogging into the geography curriculum and will allow students from a small town in MA with a town in Saudi Arabia. But after watching the video "A Vision of Students Today" and reading your blog, I realize that I have really integrated new technologies into a more traditional assignment. This idea of flipping is fantastic and it really makes you think about using class time in a whole new way. What an effective use of technology, collaboration opportunities, and time. I have one question though. As with traditional homework, what do teachers do with students who do not come to class prepared?