Sunday, September 18, 2011

Connectify: Turn your PC into a Hotspot

Connectify works by turning your Windows laptop into a secure Wi-Fi hotspot 
which you can then use to connect your other Internet-enabled devices.

Of course I'm not an advocate for having students find loopholes and hook up to the web when they're not supposed to, but I did find this to be a great tool for other reasons.  For example, if you've ever been in an area such as a hotel and needed a hot spot, Connectify would be beneficial for you.  I was thinking that this may be beneficial for those of you who have Internet on your desktop, but can not connect with your mobile devices.  Perhaps this is a solution for you.

Right now, using your .edu email address, get a Free 90 day Trial to test out!


  • Take practically any Internet connection and share it wirelessly with no additional hardware, wires, plugs, or chargers
  • Easily connect any number of Wi-Fi enabled devices to your Connectify Hotspot
  • Automatic Internet selection for super simple set-up
  • Customize your hotspot's name and allow it to operate like a wireless repeater for your home or office router
  • Browse Shared folders and other services in your network; Even without an active Internet connection

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