Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Celebrate Science Week: Science Websites


A Few of My Favorite Sites for Science

Moonbase Alpha Game ScreenShot -- Repairing the Life Support System ... Moonbase Alpha is the first of two commercial-quality NASA games developed.  Also, click here for another great NASA site!

Aligned with state curriculum standards, StudyJamstakes math and science problems and presents them using relevant, real-world examples students can learn for fun!

 FORESTIA is an island of the game of science virtual world, where you will meet      Kalikasan,a very unusual naturalist.  Face the formidable challenge of sustainable forest   management. 

The best of BBC Science from TV and radio, to the web and beyond.
Latest News click here! (a world of wonder)
Science and Nature click here!
Science and the Environment click here!

Human Mind and Body click here!

Primary students LOVE to learn about their world through their scientific eyes while engaged with their friend, Peep.  So, join the gang and surf, click, learn, and sing all while playing interactive white board games with Peep and friends.

Additional resources include: ( click here for their site map )
Activities and More - anywhere science and math games, coloring page       printables, neighborhood safari, and recommended books
-  Interactive SMART Board Games
-  Music and Videos - free rich scientific film clips, theme songs, music, etc...

  Sheppard's Software is always easy to operate, engaging for students, and a beneficial way to enhance any lesson - so much content to explore!

NASA's Kids Club lets you explore with different grade levels with such popular favorites like Elmo or Buzz Light Year.  Teachers and Parents will love the 'tips' section, too!

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