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5 Ways to Incorporate Football Season into your Classroom Instruction

5 Ways to incorporate Football Season in your instruction

By Jason Patrick Klein

Ok, so I don’t often get the chance to write for the blog, but something Erin mentioned
the other day about one of her students brought me back to my childhood. One of her
boys in class, while giving an answer that would be 33, instead stated “Kris Draper’s
number”. For those of you who don’t know, Kris Draper is a recently retired Detroit Red
Wing hockey player, who wore the number 33 on his back for nearly 20 twenty seasons
in the Motor City. This was indeed the correct answer, even while a bit of an indirect
path to the number 33.

As a child, this is exactly the way that I remembered numbers and many other things
as well. I remember bringing up examples of things that I thought were awesome
connections, and of course my teacher would look at me as if I were insane.

Teacher: “Let’s just give the answer Jason, nobody even knows what you mean.”


But in reality, a lot of people did not make the connections, as they did not have sports in
their lives regularly. I for one, lived for sports. I knew every statistic. Batting averages,
win-loss records, most touchdowns, yards, wins, anything from about 1975-1995, you
name it, I knew it. Still do. While these statistics were a bit annoying for my teachers
to listen to a seven year old just rattle off, it now seems like a missed opportunity in
hindsight. If they had paid attention, they’d have realized I was doing long division
and fractions before they had taught it, what a fantastic resource. And there are a lot of
kids that love sports, so it is a great tool to use in the classroom. For those of you who
will counter with the argument that not all kids love sports, I ask, how many kids love
boarding a train in Newark on a Tuesday and arriving in Omaha on a Friday…..see,
already lost ya.

1. Quarters
a. Football games have quarters. They are 15 minutes each. The entire
game is one hour. Any idea how I figured out what a quarter hour was?
b. The quarters are appropriately named the First, Second, Third, and Fourth
Quarter, respectively. They are also divided by Halftime, which comes
between the Second and Third Quarter. Collectively, the First and Second
Quarter are called the First Half. You can figure out the rest.

2. Yards Per Carry
a. Very Cool Statistic for running backs. Say I run the ball 10 times, for
80 yards, I have averaged 8 yards per carry. Technically speaking, this
often appears better to coaches than somebody that runs the ball 18 times
for 100 yards, as they are averaging 5.5 yards per carry. As a coach, you
want more yards on each carry. I knew how to compute this basic division
problem when I was in second grade. You can use this same statistic for
catches, passes, kick returns, or any other yardage statistic!

3. The Clock
a. Often at the end of a game, the defense needs to get the ball back, and
the offense tries to stall and run the clock out. It is common practice for
fans to attempt to determine how many :35 second play clocks are still
available in the game clock. This is tricky, and likely better suited for our
older kids out there, but Kleinspiration has a variety of readers, so here

i.  If there are 3:00 left in the game, that means that the offense has 5
play clocks before they will run out the clock. They legally have
to run a play every 35 seconds. So they will need to earn a first
down or give the ball back at some point soon.
ii.  If the offense is at 1:45 or under, and their opponent has no
timeouts, it is smooth sailing, the game is over. They can run the
clock out, because they will run the clock exactly the :35 allowable
3 times and use the full 1:45. Complicated, but fun, and there are
plenty of other clock games.

4. Winning Percentage
a. It’s all about winning in sports. Winning percentage is a simple
formula: wins/games played. This is more commonly used in baseball,
however it is being used a lot more in football recently, especially with
multidivisional playoffs, and is very simple to compute. This percentage
is stated with 3 decimal points (unlike anything else in life), so if a team is
winning 50% of their games, they are at .500.

5. A Yard
a. Nowhere else in everyday life have I ever, even now as an adult, ever,
seen the use of a YARD as a unit of measure. Except football. Football
has these pure, plain, beautiful white chalk hash marks every three feet.
They are a yard apart. Exactly one yard. There are 100 of them on a
field. Track uses meters. Baseball feet. Builders use square inches.
Truck drivers use cubic inches, regular drivers use the mile. Zoning
commissions use the acre. Nobody uses the yard. Nobody, except
teachers, and football players.


  1. Wow! I love it! This is how my son thought about things as I was helping him out with his homework in second, third, fourth grades...thanks! :) I'm copying this post. Blessings,


    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

    The Yellow Rocking Chair

  2. Melly,

    My husband will be super excited you like the post! Thanks for sharing your comment. :)


  3. I just passed the Versatile Blog Award to you. Come on over and see:

  4. I teach 3rd grade and am a huge football fan (live in New Orleans...Geaux Saints!). I have always used the example of the quarters in football to teach the quarter hour. Not all kids like football, so some don't make the connection, but the boys always's all about connecting to what they know. I am also a huge Red Wing fan...just watched them win a shoot out in a preseason game against the Hawks. So I can appreciate the Draper answer, even though no one in Louisiana probably could! :)

  5. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Love this family is obsessed with sports and we homeschool, so this is perfect for us! One caveat...when you buy fabric or ribbon or such at a craft/fabric store, it is generally measured by the yard. I mention this only if you have an avid seamstress in your class! ;-) It's the only other place I can think of that a yard is used as standard measurement.

  7. I love football too! Whenever I'm watching and my team is behind, I have to figure out how we can catch up. We're 9 behind- so we need to score at least 2 more times, with either a touchdown and a field goal, 2 touchdowns, or 3 field goals (or a touchdown with extra point and a safety, but that's a bit more rare). It's a great way to talk about different solutions to a problem, AND kids are really having to find the missing 'part' using subtraction.

  8. This is mainly for older kids (or younger ones up to a challenge), but there's an entire book of curriculum ideas built around Fantasy Football & Mathematics.

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  14. Man Utd Midfielder Herrera Seemingly Ruled out for Weeks due to Fractured Rib
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  16. Mourinho: Win without Costa shows big Chelsea improvement

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was left beaming by his side's ability to win without star striker Diego Costa at Crystal Palace on Saturday.
    Costa missed the trip to Selhurst Park with a long-standing hamstring complaint thought to be at the root of his absence.
    With Chelsea sitting pretty five points clear at the top of the Premier League, Mourinho is enthused by the progress being made by his players, telling reporters: "Winning without Diego was great.
    "There is a general feeling that our team is improved because of Diego and Fabregas and it's right and it's true and it's fair to say that.
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    Nevertheless, Dodo believes that the weekend's result could be the start of a series of good results.
    "It could be the turning point. We really hope so," the Brazilian told Inter Channel.
    "We did well. We had them back on their heels in the first half. It was a great match and an intense one.
    "There’s a lot of talk about the big sides, but both teams really played a good match. They were positioned well and we did a good job ourselves."


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    Nabil Khaznadar, the figure of the favorites to win the presidential election in Urbano Caldeira Stadium, has revealed that he plans to bring the Mexican goalkeeper.
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    “He will not go in January;" he said before his visit to Swansea at the end of this week, Warnock took the opportunity to emphasize the prestige Bolasie, saying.
    "He's a great player. There are not a number of well-established club does not know what can and cannot do, and how they can come for him. I think he has made in his footsteps in the palace if I have to be honest."
    In this season and Bolasie contributed three assists and one goal from 12 games in the Premier League.

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  23. Suarez: I'm not obsessed with scoring

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    The Uruguayan scored his first Liga goal for his new side as they beat Cordoba 5-0 at Camp Nou on Saturday in his eighth Primera Division appearance.
    The €94 million summer signing had previously netted twice in the Champions League but has stressed that he does not pay too much attention to statistics.
    "I kissed my fingers for my wife and my two children who were at home," Suarez said of his goal celebration to reporters after the match.
    "I am a striker and I have to score goals but I'm helping the team win. So I'm not obsessed with it. The team winning is most important and that's been achieved."


  24. Ramos: Real Madrid can go down in history

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos says the current side are intent on going down in history as one of the greatest ever.
    Carlo Ancelotti’s men lifted the Copa del Rey and Champions League titles last season, and are now on a run of 21 consecutive victories – five short of the record set by an Ajax side led by Johan Cruyff in the 1971-72 season; German side Dresden matched that tally during World War 2.
    And Ramos has told his team-mates that ultimately it’s the record books that will decide this side’s legacy.
    "I hope we can go down in history," he said.
    "Playing in a final is always an extra source of motivation. We're enjoying a unique time and as a footballer I feel privileged. Real Madrid is a team supported everywhere and we have to reward our fans for that by winning."


  25. Garcia rages at goal-line officials over De Jong hand ball incident

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    However, Milan left Stadio Olimpico with a point despite playing a good chunk of the second half with 10 men after Pablo Armero was sent off in the 71st minute.
    Head coach Garcia believes Roma should have had the opportunity to move ahead before half-time, though, when an apparent handball by Nigel de Jong in the penalty area went unpunished by the referee and his two assistants in the Milan half.
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