Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do you check your blog or website stats?

My mom nails it on the head when she says I'm a dork (with compassion of course).

I started my blog on January 31, 2011; this was my first post. When I started, just 6 months ago, I believe by Alexa rating was around the 20 million mark.  Now, I'm around 622K.  Once I read somewhere that a site under 500K was good.  I never thought I'd even come close.  Now, my goal is to be under 500K before school begins.

What is an Alexa Rating?

The Alexa websites states, "The Alexa Traffic Rank will show how popular the site is compared to yours, including Reach, Pageviews and more."

I've downloaded the Alexa Toolbar so that I can see the rank of each page I visit.

Want to see more stats for your site?

My sister shared this site with me today:

You can check your Google Pagerank.  This page offers more about your score, once you've entered your site in the site above.  I thought it was fairly insightful.

Have fun checking out your site!

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  1. Very cool! I just downloaded the tool bar. I think it was 1,350,000ish. Thanks for giving me something else to obsess over! ha!

    Sunny Days In Second Grade