Friday, July 8, 2011

Set up Your own Shop and Make Money!

Click the above image to learn how to open up your own shop on The Teacher's Notebook.  

If you have items you create for your students, why not offer them to other teachers and make a bit of money doing so?  Sounds like a great summer gig to me!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Hey- Congrats on your blog for winning on the Really Good Stuff contest :) I was wondering- I have the same layout for my blog-- how come the scissors pic gets cut off on the top with each post- and its most times, not every time..?? Or is it just my computer? :)

  2. WOW! TPT, and now Teachers Notebook...teachers must have more time than me in the summer...and I'd never have that much time during school.

    If I do make something during the schoo year, it's usually quick, easy and to the point...or should I say standard!

    A Time to Share & Create

  3. Erin,
    I will have to check out the new site.... Thanks for following me! I am having my first giveaway so, come on over and check it out:)
    Life's a Teach!!

  4. Diane,

    Thanks! I'm not sure about the layout... I'm still learning about the whole 'html coding' thing. :-) I can only do the very basics. Sorry, I'm not much help.

  5. Pat,

    No worries... I set up my store; however, I have no products. :(

    I totally understand. Summers fly by and school years are sooooo busy!


  6. Melissa,

    Thanks bunches for leaving that information. I am a follower on Blogger and Facebook. I added your button, too! :)

    I'm excited about your give-a-way!