Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mrs. Casey at the Board

My Open Mic Submission for the NWP eAnthology 
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an original poem inspired by my love for technology 

Mrs. Casey at the Board
Inspired by “Casey at the Bat” by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

The students had not grown much, in Chalkville for a while, their teachers were stuck in an old-fashioned style.  The Guide on the Side was only a dream, the Sage on the Stage was the king of this team.

Administration was afraid to spend money on tech.  They thought it was just toys that students could wreck.  They splurged on a flip-cam way back in ’07, but the flood of ’09 had sent it to heaven.

Why spend money on gadgets and gook, when a teacher can do with a board and a book?  So they locked up the purse strings and paused for a while, as all of their tools went far out of style.

The parents were angry, they paid for this school!  And the other districts were making them drool.  The children were learning, but slower than others, with the same old textbooks once carried by their mothers.

So the good folks of Chalkville started working toward change, and began to see what progress they could arrange.  They pooled their own money to buy a SMART Board, and hatched a plan that could not be ignored.

If we buy one ourselves and prove that it works, maybe just maybe they will stop being  jerks.  We’re not asking much, we don’t want a ton, but we do want our children to know learning can be fun!

They rose up their funding and went through with their plan, and even the school board gave into their demand.  Starting next year, technology would rule, and every single teacher would have a SMART Board at school.

The parents were happy, the children excited, but some of the teachers did NOT feel invited.  What the heck is a SMART Board; I don’t have no training!  Does this darn thing even work if it’s raining?

A handful of teachers—stars all along, they picked up the SMART Board like a bird to a song.  They did A Plus workshops and even an Ed Camp, and soon after that they were trained like a champ.

But for some it was rough, some complained it was hard.  Especially when we gave it to the oldest of old guard.  Old Mrs. Casey had been teaching here for years.  The thought of new gadgets brought out her worst fears.

She thought “with all my experience, what can I possibly learn?”  A new classroom toy was not her concern. Resistant to change, she was sure this would fail, but ultimately it was her methods that were stale.

But she skipped out on training even though it was free, thinking all along what are they going to teach me?  But now fall is upon us and the school year begins, and that is when the panic starts to seep in.

They had armed her with a SMART Board and a new projector too.  And everybody was ready for great things from room 2.

But because they did not train her, it filled her head with doubt.  And now there is no joy in Chalkville.  Mrs. Casey has struck out.  


  1. I love your poem! It is so true!

  2. what a great commentary! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks so much for your feedback!