Friday, July 8, 2011

Guest Post: Distance Learning – Offering a Riot of Opportunities of Knowing and Growing by:

Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army. ~Edward Everett

The life of an individual is driven by the elements of
need, want, and desire. This elemental cycle gives birth to the maximum need of education, as
into fulfill the need of food; you want money, which in turn can be obtained only through good
education. It also offers a living that is set in high standards of the society, apart from making
a man wise and sensible. Education with time has come up as a serious challenge in the global
human community of the present age, which is further accelerated by the increasing cost of the

Even though countries from all across the world have pumped- in resources and funds to
better the system, education failed to reach the grass-root level of the educational sector.
To make things easier and simpler and to take education to everybody’s doorstep, colleges
and universities from all across came up with the idea of distance Learning. The concept
was greeted with open arms by the student community at large along with the professionals.
Distance education, as it is said has opened up a world of new opportunities steering the
students in a new a world in a new direction.

Distance Learning: The Definition

Distance Learning is simple common terms refer to the idea that focuses on delivering
knowledge to individuals through online mode of teaching. It is categorized as a field of
education that offers knowledge to individuals not present in the physical setting of a
classroom. In most cases, the concept also focuses on delivering teaching methods and
technologies on an individual basis. It is built as a process to create a bridge between students
and teachers, disconnected by time and distance.

Distance Learning: The Major Advantages

The concept of offering education through the distance mode of learning helps many an
individual realize their unfinished dreams. It has come across as a breather for students who
had to compromise on their education under some pressure. The idea also works excellently for
students not comfortable with the process of mainstream education. Finally, the professionals
too is said to have the maximum share of the benefit, as it allows them to hone their technical
skills and upgrade their knowledge without compromising on their job or career.

The concept that witnessed huge takers and initiators all across the world is certain to have a
number of benefits as its major plus. Some of the key advantages of distance learning mode of
education can be zeroed down to –

- Cost Effective
- Quality Education
- Increasing Access
- Flexible Course Schedule
- Not Bound by Time and Distance

Distance Learning works as a major catalyst in meeting the needs and demands of the ever-
changing face of global industry and environment. It takes education to all and especially in
the remote and far-flung areas of the world.

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  1. I'm getting my masters right now online through WGU - a university based in Utah...I live in NC!! It is a great program and if this was not available I would not have the time or money to do so.