Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coming Soon: Toolbox for Teachers!

As summer is here and family vacations are among us... tis the season for quality family time!  Life certainly doesn't slow down once school begins in the fall, either.  Therefore, I've decided to start a blog segment called "A Teacher's Toolbox." 

A Teacher's Toolbox will be posted directly on Kleinspiration.  I'll publish each segment as a regular blog post and archive each post in a blog roll on the right side of my blog - for easy reference.

Because there are SO many amazing websites to sift through, I will only post my top five favorite sites for popular categories (such as: elementary teacher sites, secondary teacher sites, making videos, search engines, vocabulary, people to follow on Twitter, making websites, reading, science, social studies, music, streaming videos, online quizzes, etc...).  This way, you know that each site is truly 'the best of the best.' 

Additionally, if you have a category that you would like me to include (and find my top 5 favorite sites to match your category), please contact me via email at:

Furthermore, if you have a favorite site that you feel must me included in "A Teacher's Toolbox," please email me your recommendation for review:

Thank you - and look forward to opening your toolbox soon!


  1. I often use the "toolbox" terminology, for myself as a teacher and for my students with regards to what strategies they can use to complete a task or meet a goal, so am looking forward to reading your segments.

  2. Great idea. Perhaps you could get other bloggers to choose their top 5 websites per category. What's the first category? So, once a week we could all choose our top 5 websites per category and share. What do you think?

  3. Hi Erin,
    I love your blog. I added your widget to my website for teacher resources:
    I plan on starting a blog soon. You are an inspiration!!

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