Sunday, June 26, 2011

Befuddlr: Scramble your Pictures

Befuddlr is a fun (and addicting) site that allows you to use an image from Flickr and have it mixed up, or scrambled.

I have fun saving book covers (images from Google) and Befuddling them for students to guess the novel.  You can also Befuddle important people you're studying (or about to study, to gain anticipation).  Students love trying to guess the image.

If you have SMART Notebook software, you can use the camera and capture the image to directly put into your lesson.   - or for those that do not, you can take a screen shot of the image, crop it, save it, use it or print it!

Click Here to read more on my TBA post about classroom integration ideas using Befuddlr.

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