Sunday, May 15, 2011

Math Train

Eric Marcos, math teacher in Santa Monica, CA, has truly enhanced the meaning of math in a project based manner that allows his students to not only synthesize the material and concepts but also publish their learning to help others, too.

His students have developed Math Train TV, short screencast segments to demonstrate their understanding.  Check out the fantastic and innovative video below:

How do the students create such videos? 
 The wonderful developers at TechSmith have made this possible through Camtasia Studios:

To view more great videos on Mathtrain.TV, click here!  There is an App, too!

Another way to have your students create short math tutorials would be to use Sonic Pics.
Tools Needed: paper or dry erase boards, pens or markers, ipod, student, Sonic Pics App

A few other Math Favorites:

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  1. I admire these students for pulling off these nice video. Their math tutor surely did a great job in coaching them.