Sunday, April 24, 2011

P.D. by P.L.N

Premium Professional Development by your Personal Learning Network

Are you a virtual social butterfly?  

Have you enjoyed watching your teaching practice transform simply by the great network of people you've met online through blogs and other social sites? 

Cultivate the Creativity of your Classroom through Connections!

Because I firmly believe in the power of networking and the creativity, inspiration, and knowledge fellow teachers have to offer, I've been searching for affordable and effective ways to enhance my current instructional practice.

By far, the best avenue I've found is my own personal learning network.  Twitter has been an amazing resource for me to gain inspirational film segments - which started TubeTalk - to use within my writer's workshop, meet other top educators, and learn about beneficial websites to use with my students.  After tweeting with friends, I quickly began to find out about many educational Nings available.  The shared resources have truly benefited my practice.  Having an international network of friends who share common interests is such a powerful tool.

Often, when I'm searching for a great idea, once I tweet about my need, dozens of friends have instantly passed along their resources.  Quality resources in the blink of an eye... in today's time (where there aren't enough minutes in the day), having a personal learning network has maximized my time with my family and strengthened my lessons for my students.

Click here to peek into my personal learning network for some of the best resources I've found!  You may wonder how one can 'keep up' with the mass streams of social networking.  Well, RockMelt has a solution: click here to read more about the best social networking browser!


  1. I really like how you described a virtual social butterfly. Thanks a lot for sharing your insights.

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  2. "Twitter has been an amazing resource for me to gain inspirational film segments" That's interesting. What made you choose Twitter over Google or Youtube for finding videos?

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  3. Amarant, I think that since Twitter is all about sharing tidbits of information, it's amongst the perfect resource for good videos. That's exactly the reason why it's being used by companies to build their brand reputation- instant, snappy social interactions.

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  4. Social networking is certainly not a fad - it is becoming alarmingly apparent that 50% of the world's population wish to share absolutely everything about their day-to-day lives. Do we really need to know what movie your 500 "friends" just watched or that they spilled coffee while trying to text and drive?

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  6. Very interesting. It would be even more compelling if we knew where all that information came from. Maybe they Googled it.
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  8. I am currently enrolled in a teacher cert. program and am just at the early stages of understanding all that is offered through social networking. It looks to me that it is here to stay and as teachers we need to find a way to use it in our classrooms to help inspire our students. Thanks for your ideas.

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  11. Thought the quote that was presented in the video " We don't have a choice on wether we do Social media , the questions is how well we do it." -Erik Qualman is very on point. There are so many social networks and ways to communicate and they all have great advantages to them. It is definitely how you use them that creates countless opportunities. This is great information to keep for future use, thank you for sharing.