Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MRA Hosts - Kelly Gallagher: Readicide

Michigan Reading


Hosts: an Interactive Book Club
Kelly Gallagher, author of Readicide
via Facebook

What is this event?
The Michigan Reading Association is hosting an interactive book club for anyone to join.  Simply join and begin to network with fellow educators all over the country while discussing a wonderful book.

How do I join?
Click here to view the Facebook invitation.  On the left hand side, select "I'm Attending."  You can also 'Like' the MRA Facebook page, too.

What will I be held responsible for?
You will be responsible for having fun and enjoying yourself as you connect with others, share your ideas and reflections, and enhance your classroom practice by gaining insight from top teachers in the world such as: Kelly Gallagher, Donalyn Miller, and Jim Burke (English Companion Ning) as they chime in our discussions, too.  What an opportunity!

How often do I have to participate?
The book club will take place over the month of May.  We are all very busy - MRA understands this.  Simply log in whenever you are available - even if it is only twice during the month.  Browse the posts and add your thoughts as you see fit - or just view others posts as you reflect on your own thinking.

How will I know what to discuss and when to discuss which parts?
There will be a posting outlining a general roadmap chunking chapters per each week so that we can keep on a similar pace; however, feel free to add to any conversation as it adds value to the group.

What can I do until May 2nd (when the book club begins)?

- purchase Readicide
- follow him on Twitter
- like the MRA Facebook page
- listen to the CinchCast below to further explain the book club
- get the Cinch App for your Smart Phone
- sign up for a Cinch Account
- follow this blog (on the right... scroll down a bit and add your photo)
- follow me on Twitter
- subscribe to Kleinspiration (top right side) to get email updates
- begin reading Readicide

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  1. Kelly Gallagher’s Readicide:

    Pacing Guide for our Reading and Discussion:

    May 2-8: pages 1-58 (chapters 1 & 2)
    May 9-15: pages 59-86 (chapter 3)
    May 16-22: pages 87-110 (chapter 4)
    May 23-29: pages 111-appendix
    May 30-31: overall reflections and roll out of our next book!