Friday, April 15, 2011

Helping Students Grow with SMART

Recently, I submitted my application to become a SMART Exemplary Educator, and I wanted to share how SMART products have helped to transform not only my teaching practice, but also my student's level of active engagement coupled with academic gains... (I'd love any feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below).

Visit the SMART website to see their enriching educational tools for creative learning (click here).


  1. Great Animoto presentation! This is a really helpful and inspiring site! I think I'll enjoy visiting in the future!


  2. Ashley,

    Thank you! I'd love to have you visit in the future. Feel free to 'Follow with Google Connect' and add your photo to the site. You can also Subscribe as a Reader (top right) so that you get updates sent straight to your email.

    Your kind comments are very much appreciated,


  3. Erin,
    You get my vote for a SMART Exemplary Educator for your use of the SMARTboard but also all that you share via Kleinspiration. I love visiting this site to see what tool or topic you write about and useful ways to use it. Please know that your blogging is very much appreciated.

    Love the song you put with your animoto.

  4. i'm looking for a blog that i think can help me to become a better teacher...
    i think this one is great...