Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sort Fix: Search Engine

Sort Fix is a magical search engine, truly.  My students were glued to the SMART Board when I was introducing how to refine their searches.  We have been working on beginning a research project, and I've noticed that a lot of the students don't have a toolbox of resources to automatically pull from.  Of course, they start with the Internet - most begin with Google.  Being a Google user myself, I always recommend this search engine; however, I believe Sort Fix not only helps the students refine, or narrow, their area of focus but it also helps to teach how to use a search engine.  Without realizing the teaching component, students are being trained on how to sort through what they should have put into the search engine to begin with.  I've found that my students are learning how to better navigate larger search engine sites, like Google or Bing, because they've practiced with Sort Fix.  Most of my kids are so hooked on Sort Fix that they start here now - which I think is great.  Try it for fun yourself... I bet you'll end up playing around for quite a while searching your favorite topics.

Click here for the Sort Fix blog, and click here for additional information about Sort Fix.


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