Sunday, February 6, 2011

Make your Pictures Talk!

Blabberize lets you take an existing image, remove the mouth portion, and upload audio so that your new picture talks!  You can choose to upload an audio file, type to text, or use your telephone to import audio.  This is simple to do and only takes about 2 - 4 minutes.  Plus, there are tons of Blabberizes already done so you can pull from other's great ideas to inspire how you can use this with your own classroom.  In our high school, one teacher used these elements to introduce the homework assignments on his website.  We recently had friends over and entertained the kids by allowing them to create their own Blabberizes; they were occupied for hours - laughing and bonding (not to mention getting more tech savvy!).


  1. Our 4th grade has really gotten into Blabberize. Check out these ideas: (human body parts, Thanksgiving and country/city reflections)

  2. Kathy,

    Wow - so many great ideas!! Thank you for sharing. How did you upload your audio? Audacity? What did you use to record the kids?

    I appreciate your sharing of fun ways you're using Blabberize; I bet your kids love it!


  3. I have had tech troubles getting this to work, but have been wanting to use blabberize for my morning message to my students. I also thought it would be a fun way for students to publish their stories.

  4. Marty,

    That would be a great idea - morning message!

    My daughter's first grade teacher just shared with me that she uses the app (from her iphone) to have her students retell the stories they're reading.

    So, 'there's an app for that,' too. :)

    Thanks for sharing,