Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Great Behavior Game

The Great Behavior Game is published through The Educator's Handbook.  If you've ever had a class that could use support through positive behavioral intervention, this free site for educators is just for you!  The Great Behavior Game allows you to add up to three class rosters, and when you need to add or delete a student - you can do it with one click.  Never having to navigate away from your planned lesson, this piece works in conjunction with your teaching.  Students will see their earned stars, or points, displayed and become motivated towards earing more points - even potential bonus points that you can distribute throughout the lesson for active engagement, participation, or exceptional behavior.  If behaviors persist, you can place that player, or student, in a waiting period.  Lastly, the software produces  easy to read reports that track individual's progress.  I could see this form being beneficial for IEP or SST meetings.

I could also see this program working well with troubled youth or discouraged learners, especially those in a resource room or intervention classroom environment.  I haven't yet tried this with any of my classrooms, so I don't personally know how successful it would be.  My personal philosophy stems more from an Alfie Kohn stance of intrinsic motivation - not that of external rewards... but, then again, my husband sure gets motivated for his 'bonus pay' at work.  I think anything is worth a shot - especially if it's free!

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